The Security & Check-In application provides a solution to manage customer accreditation when players arrive on site. The customer presents their barcoded player card or ID to a check-in operator, who scans the card to bring up the customer record. Depending on the player’s bans, security will deny access.

This application is designed to register new players, you cannot add players to a tournament or cash game. The players are immediately available to other clients like the "Tournament Floor".

  • View recent visits
  • Search and view players
  • Check-In players
  • Deny access to the venue

  • Create a new player
  • Add an additional player card
  • Add or change player photo

Recent Visits

The visitor list shows the recent visits. In addition, some details are shown. Special features such as a birthday or a membership can be ruled at the entrance.

  • Player Card
  • Nationality
  • Membership
  • First name, last name, nickname

  • Birthday, also as icon
  • Icon for new player
  • Access type

Create New Player

New players can be created. For this purpose, the user is guided in several steps. Depending on which data is required, different steps are necessary.

  • Identification
  • Personal data, e.g. street, city
  • Contact data, e.g. email, cell phone, social media

  • Membership
  • Photo
  • Player card

Banned Player & Bans

Depending on the access rights, a ban can be issued or released.

  • Ban authority (Player, Casino)
  • Degree of violation
  • Duration of ban

  • Ban reason
  • Release authority
  • Release reason