The players' window shows a list of players already in the database, details of a selected player, header information and function buttons.

As usual for CasinoWare list windows, you'll find mainly four different sections (header, list, details, functions).

a) Header Section

The header sections shows the number of players and a search filed.

Depending on your search results and your selection of rows, different values are shown:
1) The total number of players (all records in the database)
2) Number of found players
3) The current page or subset (a range of players)

The serach or filter area alows to search the database. The "Find" fieldstarts a quick search for the players list. The button at top right corner revelas a search bar extension.

b) List Section

The list section shows a table with a header and rows. By default 9 different columns are shown, which are data fields of a player record.

No.Just the current row number.
Some additional information are stored with this player. Can be text notes.
The player wants to be anonymous.
If a player is marked as anonymous, his full name will not be shown to other players. All displays like the seating or ranking will show the nickname, or the first name with an abbreviated last name (e.g. "Mike A."), or the player's card number, or the player's ID.
The flag column shows the nationality of the player.
The player's icon shows a silhouette of a head. Depending on the sex and the type of membership. The icon looks different and has different colors.
First NameFirst and middle names of a player.
Last NameLast name of the player.
NicknameNickname if the player wants to use one.
BalanceTotal value of the main account. Accounts can be used like bank accounts. Depending on your configuration, player's can deposit money, add winnings and pay tickets (e.g. for tournaments) from their account.

There are some columns which are currently hidden. You can add or remove columns by clicking with the secondary (usually right) mouse button onto the header of the table. A menu with all selectable columns will show up. Your configuration will be stored in your user profile.

Here are the available columns:

Last VisitDate and time of the last visit.
EmailEmail address
TelephoneTelephone number
Cell PhoneCell phone number
Player CardNumber of the player card.
InfoThe Info submenu has items which may be interesting for an administrator, like IDs, creation date, update date, etc.
Cash TimeCash Time shows the total time playing at cash tables. The total cash time value does not distinguish between different tables and blinds.
SeasonThe Season submenu shows and hides account columns collecting values for a season. A season can have any duration, e.g. one year.
BalanceBalances are the current total of an account, which can be used as a bank account. A deposit will raise the value, a withdrawal will decrease the value and payouts to the account will increase the value.
ResetReset will set all columns to a default value.

Sorting Players

If you want to sort the list of players, just click the column header you like to sort. A sort arrow will appear showing the sort order.

Reorder Columns

If you don’t not like the order of the table columns just drag & drop them to reorder. The first column (No.) can’t be moved to another position.

c) Details

Selecting a player from the list will show some details on the right side. The most important data is in general the photo which allows a quick identification.

d) Functions

At the bottom of the window you'll find several buttons. Depending on your user's privileges and access rights some buttons might be hidden or look different.

The function section is even devided into three areas. Usually you'll find on the left side the standard buttons for creating new players, deleting players and editing functions. On the right side there are mainly printing, impoet & export and other functions. In the center you can find navigation buttons, for jumping to the last, first, next or previous page.

Some buttons are always enabled and some are not, e.g. editing or deleting players buttons need a selection of at least one row. Banning a player or make a new transaction need exact one selected row.

Create a new player.
Delete the selected players.
Show the details window for the selected players.
Show the details swindow for editing the selected players.
Register the selected players to a tournament or a cash game. Make sure a tournament or cash game is selcted in the main window.
Additional function like Import and Export.
Print a list of players.
Add a new player card to the selected player.
Ban the player.
Create a new transaction for the selected player. Transfer some money onto the player's account or withdrawl an amount.