Start the Location Assistant

There are two ways to create your first location file.

If you click "New Location (Blank)", you will create an empty file. Just save the file to the folder you like.

A standard root user will be created with name "root" and the password is "root" as well.
Login with name "root" and password "root".

If you click "New Location (Configure with Assitant)", you will be guided through some options.


At first enter the name of your location. The location name can be your club, casino or even a venue. You can change it later on.


The second step will create some tables for you. You should enter the number of tables you have in your club, casino or your venue.

Usually tables are numbered. If you enter "0" for the number of tables, no table will be created. For sure you can create and delete tables later on.

The starting number is by default "1". If, for any reason, your table numbers are not starting with "1" just change the value.

Sometimes tables have prefixes. We know casinos have prefixes for the floor or area. The value will lead the number of the table. Leave it blank for no prefix.

Administration (Root User)

Last but not least you have to enter the name and the password for the adminstrator, the root user. CasinoWare has a very powerful user manager and you need at least one root user with all priviledges.

The user name and the password are used to login with all other client applications until you created new users with different priviliges.

When the server is running you need the root/admin password to stop the server.

Only a root user can stop the server.