After Installation

After you installed the enitre CasinoWare package, the folder of the CasinoWare applications will open automatically.

Usually the software is installed into your system Applications folder. You can find all the applications in the "CasinoWare" folder.

We distinguish between the server application "CW-Server" and the clients like "CW-Tournament Floor".

The server applicaton serves all the data to all others and usually runs in background. When you start the server the first time you have to register for using.

Registration Process

Start the server (CW-Server) application (black icon). The registration form will pop up when it's the first time running the server.

You need internet connection for the very first registration process.

"Start Registration" for the free version.

Please follow the instruction and enter at least the mandetory values:

  • Email
    Your email address used to send you a verification email. We send a verification code to your email and you have to enter the code to be sure you are real person.
  • Name
    Your name of the club, casino or organisation. This name will be used as the registration name which will be shown in each application you are using.
  • First Name & Last Name
    Please enter your first name and last last name. When ever you need some support we like to know who’s writing or talking to us.
  • Country
    We like to know where are you from. It’s interesting to know where on earth our system is used, we use it for internal statistics.
  • Currency
    If you like our software and you want to purchase some additional licenses we’ll use the selected currency for the payment. Currently there are only two currencies selectable: USD and EUR

Accept the CasinoWare End User Aggreement (EULA)

After accepting the EULA a verification email will be send to the email you entered.

Open your email and get the verification code.

Please check your spam folder if you didn't receive an email.

Enter the last 8 digits (red) into the verification form of CasinoWare.

After you verified your email you are ready to use CasinoWare.