Start Server Application

If you want to use CasinoWare to run your tournaments, you must start CW-Server. CW-Server can run on any computer, facing the reqirements, in your local area network (LAN). All other applications will connect to the server over your network, even if it's running on the same computer.

If CW-Server is not running right now, go to the CasinoWare folder and double click the black server icon.

If you didn't already register your version of CasinoWare you have to do the registration process.

The server will start with the main window showing all the recently created or used location files.

  • If you already created a location file just open it by double clicking on the file or the button.
  • If you do not have a location, create one by clicking Create First Location.

The server will now load the selected location file and starts the service. A notification will show that the server is up and running. Usually the server starts silently with just a notification.

To configure the notifcation and how they should appear on your screen, go to the System Preferences.

  • Select from the Apple-Menu > System Preferences...
  • The Sytem Preference Pane will appear
  • Select Notications (top row)
  • The Notifications Pane will appear
  • Scroll to CW-Server on the left side and select it

Now you can make the change to the CW-Server notification. Normally there are just a few notification send by the server. Such as "up and running" and some important errors.

Now the server is running and we can create our first tournament.

Bring Server Window To Front

The server is usally runnig in the backgound. If you want to see the number of connections or some statistics you can open the server window.

If the server is not the active application or not in the foreground. You can just click the black "CW-Server" icon in your dock.

If the server is currently the active application you can bring the window up if you go to the Menu > Windows > Open Server Window.

Close Server Window

If the server is up and running you can close the server window at any time. The server is still running the background.

  • Just click the red circle at the top to close the window.
  • Or go to Menu > Windows > Close Server Window