Ready For Player Registration

We already created our location and we set up a tournament which is still in initiation state. If you are happy with all the details and the starting date you can set the tournament to "Registration" state.
If your tournament is not already selected, please do that. You'll find the deatils on the right side in the details section.

Click the "Registration" state in the tournament control panel at the bottom of the tournaments' list.

If you are already using the "Display Manager" the tournament is now available in the Lobby-View. You can also enable the tournament view itself and it will show the Registration-View with basic tournament information.

Create Your First Players

Before we can start running the tournament we need some players. There are many ways to create new players, but we will start with the fastest and easiest one to do it.

Go to Menu > Players > New as shown by the left image. The new player dialog will pop up and you can enter all the player information and details you like.

The New Player dialog has different sections to enter basic data.The most important one is of course the "Person" section which holds the Nationality, Name and home address.

For now it's enough to enter the address (Mr. and Mrs.), the first name, the last name and maybe the nickname.

By default the first name and the last name is mandetory and have captial letters. The orange bar left of the text field signals that the data is mandetory.
Open the Location window and select "Players" to configure the fields to be mandetory and/or capital letter.

When you entered at least the mandetory data the |Create Player| button should be enabled.

Click |Create Player| to create the record. After creating the player the New Player dialog will be cleared to enter the next player. Please create at least a second player for your first tournament.

A tournament cannot be started with less than two players.

Open The Player Manager

After creating the players, we will see where to find all the players. Go to Menu > Players > Show Players and the players window will pop up.

You will see the players you already created in a list on the left side. The right side shows details like the photo and some others if a single row is selected.

Here you can also create new players, delete, edit or sign-up players with the buttons at the left bottom corner.

Create a new player. The New Player dialog will pop up.
Delete the selected players.
Edit the selected players. The Player window will pop up and shows all the deatils of a player.
Sign-Up selected players. If a tournament is selected you'll see the name of the tournament in the button. Just click the |Sign-Up| button and the Sign-Up dilog will appear. That is one of the multiple ways to register players.

Sign-Up Players

We already found out that you can sign-up a player from the Player Manager window if a tournament is selected. The example above shows the "Ladies Night" Sign-Up button. A selected player will be registered to that tournament.
Select a player, click the |Sign-Up| button and the dialog will appear.

As usual you can drag & drop players from the list onto the tournament, to the entries list, or even onto one particular table or seat.

If you drop the player on a table or seat the dilog will look a little bit different. The "Prefered Table Category adn Seat" section will show the table name and the seat number.

The Sign-Up dialog is divided into different areas. Depending on the sign-up process you'll see more or even less options and buttons.

1) Header Section

The black header section at the top shows who is going to sign up. The screenshot shows a player icon on the left side and a green walking person on the right side. The name of the player is shown in the center of the black area.

Sign-Up a single player.
Sign-Up a group of players as a team.
The player is allowed to sign-up. You cannot register a player if he is banned for some reason.
The player was not checked in (counted) at the entrance and he'll be checked in automatically. A new visit record will be created.

2) Print Section

If you enable "Print Ticket" a ticket will be printed showing the player's name, nickname, tournament name, amount of money, assigned table and seat and someothers.
To configure tickets go to Menu > File > Location, select "Tickets" tab.

3) Sign-Up to Games Section

The "Sign-Up to Games" selection shows a list of games. If you register for a tournaments it's usually only one row, showing the game color, the status, the name, the number of players already waiting, number of available seats (open seats) and two buttons. One button is for the waiting list and one for sign-up. Depending on the tournament's state and how many players are already registered and wanting, the button defaults may differ. Usually you want a player to sign-up so the |Sign-Up| button should be green. If you want the player to be on the waiting list, just click the |Possible| button at column "Waiting List", which changes to green and shows the title "Wait".

Once you have a player on the waiting list, the Sign-Up dialog will come up with an enabled |Wait| button instead of |Sing-Up| button.
If there's a player on the waiting list, new players might sign-up after the players in the queue.

4) Prefered Table Category and Seat Section

Tables can be assigned to to categories. Very popular is for instance "Smoking" and "Non Smoking" tables for casinos where smoking is allowed. If you assigned tables of different categories to the tournament the categories are shown after the table icon. If you selected for instance the "No Smoking" category the standard seating process tries to fulfill the player's desire.

Analog to the tables category, seats can be selected as preferred. The seating process tries to find a table which meets the requirements. If there's no table and seat available a player is placed as best as possible to the seating protocol.

You can combine as many categories and seats as you want. Usually it makes sence to select one category and one or two seats.

5) Teller Section

Casinos and clubs probably have multiple workstations for signing-up and so you need more than one teller or cash desk. You can create as many tellers as you need for your location. By default there's one "Main Cashier". The section shows the teller, the current balance of the teller and the currency. Cash money paid by the player will be added to the selected teller.

Root users can select any teller and any currency. Make sure your cashiers got the right privileges to use the right cash desk.

5) Buy-In Options Section

If you set up some optional Buy-Ins, like Bonus or Buffet, you'll find them here. Options probably change the Buy-In value which is shown in the bottom right button. You can select one or even multiple options for the Buy-In.

Bounty is shown in the options section as well, although it's not a real option. Bounty is enabled by default and cannot be deselected.

5) Payment Method Section

The default payment method is "Cash" money. Depending on configuration and the player's status some other payment methods will be shown in this section.

5) Button Section

The button section usually contains two buttons.

  1. On the left side the |Cancel| button to abort the sign-up process.
  2. On the right side the |Sing-Up| button. Depending on your selections the button's title will show the function or a summery. For standard sing-up you'll see the teller, who will collect the money, and the total amount with the currency symbol.

Click |Main Cashier 110.00 €| to register the player.

New sign-ups will not be assigned to a table or a seat during "Registration" state if "Direct Seating" turned off. Players will get their table and seat when switching to "Seating" state.


When you signed-up at least 2 players you can start the seating phase. Click the "Seating" icon in the tournament controller for your tournament.

If you have the tournament view of the "Display Manager" displayed on screen, you'll see that the view changed from Registration-View to Seating-View.
There'll be a list view if you have more than one table and a table view if you have only one table assigned to your tournament.

If "Direct-Seating" is disabled, tables and seats will be assigned for each player by transition to the "Seating" state.

If you do not use "Direct Seating" the seating process will use as less tables as possible to seat all the registered player. That means if you do have only 4 players and 2 tables (each 10 seats), the seating algorithm will use only the first table and leave the second one empty. "Direct Seating" while registration will use all available tables, because the seating algorithm does not know how many players will show up..


Finally when all players took their seat we can start the tournament and clock.
Click the "Play" icon in the tournament controller for your tournament.

If you have the tournament view of the "Display Manager" displayed on screen, you'll see that the view changed from Seating-View to Running-View, which is the tournaemnt clock with additional information.

Well done!