To start the tournament floor locate the "CW-TournamentFloor" in your CasinoWare folder and double click to start.

The Log-In window will appear.

Tournament Floor Log-In

There are two ways to connect to the server.

a) Bonjour (Automatically)

The easiest way is to use Bonjour. The client application like Tournament-Floor will automatically search the network for the CasinoWare service. The advantage is, you do not have to enter the server's network address or name.

b) Manual Configuration

If you have more then one server running, you can set up the network connection manually. Just click the setup button right of the server field. A setup window will slide in.

Deselect the "use Bonjour for connection to server" check mark.

Enter the network address of the sever application in field "CW-Server".

Make sure the CW-Server is up and running a valid location file.

If the server is running on the same computer you started the tournament floor on you can enter local network addresses:

  • "localhost"
  • "" IPv4 for localhost
  • "::1" IPv6 for local host

Normally we use the name of the computer.

The name of our computer is "DeviMac" and he is integrated into the local network.

How To Set Computer Name

To set up the name of your computer open the System Preferences.

  • Select from the Apple-Menu > System Preferences...
  • The Sytem Preference Pane will appear
  • Select Sharing (third row)
  • The Sharing Pane will appear
  • At the top you can find the name and even your local network access name

Make sure you are editing the name of the Server computer. We always want to connect from a client to the server.
Remeber the local network access name is not only the name of the computer.
The Name is followed by the domain separated by a dot. The domain is usually "local".
The full qualifier for our network is "DeviMac.local".

Connect to Server & Log-In

Please enter the user name and the password of the root user.

  • If you created the location file with the Asssitant, you alredy chosse a user name and password.
  • If you just saved a blank loction file your root user name is "root" and the passowrd is "root" as well.
If you use "root" and "root" for name and password, make sure you will change it for security reasons.