Tournament Floor

CasinoWare offers a wide variety of options and parameters for your poker tournaments. In addition to the well-known options such as re-entry, re-buy and add-on, CasinoWare offers bonuses, last-longer bets, but also progressive and mystery bounties, as well as graded winning structures (cascaded payouts), as known from online poker.

The modern, very well structured user interface gives a quick overview of all current, upcoming and ended tournaments. System-wide grouping is possible. With one click you can see the details of a tournament. An individual configuration for each user is possible.


All basic parameters are set in the „Game“ section, including:

Names & Games
  • Name & Title
  • Short Description
  • Color
  • Game & Limit
  • Type: Sit&Go, Ring or scheduled tournament
  • Category, Game No., Event ID, Tier
Publication (online)
  • Publish (how to publish: once, always, on reg)
  • Own Column (for individual information)
Team Tournament
  • Minimum Team size
  • Minimum Team size
Registration & Waiting List
  • Sign-up with names or just with numbers
  • Waiting queue with or without names
  • Assign tables later in the seating phase
Level & Timing
  • Current Level
  • Remaining Time
  • Play Time
  • Total Time
Tables & Seating
  • Default number of seats
  • Balancing or Shotout
  • Keep seats open
  • Choose seats randomly
  • Assign a table and seat on registration, or later
  • Seating protocol, e.g. for TeamPoker® „None-Collison“
Automatic Control
  • Starts seating automatically
  • Starts clock after seating automatically
  • Redraws the final table automaticcly
Tournament View Options
  • Shows all payouts on the clock or just the remaing onces
  • Shows player movements on the clock
  • Shows the chip counts
  • Includes bounties into prizepool
  • Live ranking settings
  • League
  • Frequent Player Points (FPP)
  • Sortorder adjustments for the lobby
  • Sound settings
  • Stack underrun warning for tables
  • Detailed description
  • Scrolltext on the clock


The „Buy-In“ section is where you set all of the different buy-in options and costs for your tournament. Depending on the type you can set the value, fee, chips for every type purchased, numbers of types allowed and the last level allowed for the type. There are additional options, e.g. how the value should be displayed on the ticket, or whether the type should be selected as the default upon purchase.

  • Buy-In (goes into the prize pool)
  • Fee (not for the prize pool)
  • Chips
  • Late registration
  • Buffet
  • Last-Longer
  • Bonus
  • Bounty (including Progressive and Mystery)
  • Re-Entry
  • Re-Buy
  • Add-On
  • Guaranteed prize pool
  • Extra prize pool
  • House consumption
  • Additional fees